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My story

Change does not scare me — in fact, I seek it out, it makes me happy. And like Charlotte Bronte, “I would always rather be happy than dignified.”


In my work with clients, I see people go to the tough places. Examining your role in your own stories, especially the stories that have resulted from trauma, can be painful, but when you
have someone supporting you in your bravery, you inevitably see and learn to transform how you look at yourself, how you make choices, and how you feel yourself grow. That awareness is pure gold.

As a certified Trauma Coach and Career Clarity Coach (and visual artist..), I can help awaken these insights. Together, we’ll plan action steps that move you from feeling stuck in your life or career to living more fully with a deep sense of purpose and joy.


My optimism and background in victim advocacy helps individuals look to the future with anticipation about what is possible. We’ll discuss the opportunities and possibilities that come up—just saying them out loud plants seeds that eventually become realities.


I do not have all the answers… or any, really. I just know how to ask the hard questions with compassion, humor, and without judgment. I know that it’s possible to be playful and serious simultaneously, in fact, it is the ideal mental condition. When we stop taking things too seriously, we start to make space for positive change.

I know how to help people make positive change in both their career and moving forward from trauma, without all the ‘shoulds’. The person you are right at this moment is perfect. You are not broken or unable to make change, and I help you see that.


Other tidbits

I am a ceramic and encaustic artist. Creating with clay and encaustic wax are powerful avenues for me to bring beauty and handmade utility to the world.

I am also known as a Resiliency and Confidence Coach with training in IFS (Internal Family Systems) as well as a Somatic Coach, pulling from my background in Buddhism.

I’ve lived in 3 countries, always near the mountains which I find so grounding.

My top 5 Clifton Strengths: 

Ideation | Positivity | Strategic | Futuristic | Adaptability

Are you ready to move through your life differently?

I offer free, 30-minute discovery call so you can experience my approach and decided if working together would be right for you at this time in your life.

Affiliations, Certificates, and Memberships

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