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Wake up inspired and know you can maneuver through anything that comes your way.



Hi. I'm Mary.

I believe in the power of bold yet gentle and poignant questions to reveal truth and invite action–questions so insightful that they might take your breath away and then ground you in the realization of a new perspective. 

Through Compassionate Inquiry, I am here to gently ask those questions and listen fully to what you reveal. Together we will envision and then create a future where your full self thrives.

I'm a certified, professional Career Clarity Coach and certified Trauma Coach, and I'm incredibly passionate about helping clients shine their lights in the corners of their lives to get clarity, heal, and integrate so they can live full and rewarding lives.


There’s no one size fits all to trauma coaching or career clarity coaching. I work with individuals, individually, depending on their experiences, historic cadence of change, and what gaps they want to cross.

I know that you have the power and ability to be who you truly want to be, to find that lost past self that you so desperately miss, and have the life you deserve!



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What Clients Say

"Mary shows up with such deep authenticity vulnerability as a coach that I feel safe to truly be myself."

Sarah, Toronto

Choose the path of support that's right for you.

Explore Coaching

Trauma Coaching

You deserve to feel emotional freedom, safety, and contentment.


It's very common that after a lifetime of living with trauma, it's now affecting you differently in how you work, how you relate with people, and how you bounce back from challenges. Sometimes we need new tools because the old ones are no longer effective. Coaching can help you bring healing and integration to trauma.


As a Trauma-Informed Coach, I offer methods to ‘ground’ the nervous system, discard shame and guilt through powerful questions, and recognize and promote wellness as it starts to develop.

Career Clarity Coaching

You don’t have to choose between success and happiness in your career.


Feeling stuck, knowing that you want to make a career change, but not being able to do it on your own is frustrating and can be debilitating. With coaching, you can sift through all the questions, fears, and spinning thoughts to help you get clear about what’s next.


As a Career Clarity Coach I help folks recognize what has been keeping them from getting clear about what’s next and identify how to move forward so that their next chapter is more fulfilling and intentional. 

Find your voice, your path, and the self that has been lost.

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